Release Notes



EMS Channel

ENHANCEMENT: Version:, Revision: 2512, Issue Date: September 5th, 2011. Wait interval settings were removed since the reading mechanism of messages from the TibEMS server has changed. The EMS triggers are currently used instead of reading new messages by the interval timing.more

Installation Tool

BUG FIXES: Version:, Revision:  4164, Issue Date: November 1st , 2012 Waterfall's DLL files and are not being deleted in the uninstall process. In addition, it fails to delete the GUI utilities Configuration Tool and Console when in use. Version:, Revision: 4073 , Issue Date: November  1st, 2012 After the uninstall process of Waterfall Security more

Keep Alive Channel

ENHANCEMENT: Version:, Revision: 2992 and Version:, Revision: 2996, Issue Date: August 2nd, 2012 Renaming “Keep Alive” channel as “Heartbeat”: Since “Keepalive” is a message type which is relevant for TCP-based communication, the channel was renamed as “Heartbeat” in order to better characterize its functionality at Waterfall. (“Heartbeat” refers to a periodic signal generated by hardware or software to indicate that it is still running)more

Local Folders

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Mirror Channel

BUG FIX: Version:, Revision: 2855, Issue Date: December 5th, 2011. Not all the folders of the channel are created when configuring the Mirror channel and pressing on the Apply button.more

OPC Channel

ENHANCEMENTS: Version:, Revision: 2727, Issue Date: September 5th, 2011 Enabling deletion of a DB file in order to perform remapping the tags’ names: A new button named 'Clean DB' is added, for both DA and HDA Server channels. Pressing this button will delete the DB file as configured in 'BackupRecoverFileName' XML tag. In former more

OSIsoft PI Channel

ENHANCEMENT: Version:, Revision: 2762, Issue Date: March 5th, 2012 Enabling deletion of a DB file in order to perform remapping the tags’ names: A new button named ‘Clean DB’ is added, for both Tx and Rx. Pressing this button will delete the DB file as configured in the XML tag: ‘BackupRecoverFileName’.more

Remote Folders Channel

ENHANCEMENT: Providing the user with the ability to select a path separator. The 'File Procedure' DLL now handles the files on the local path (LocalPath) and not on the remote path (RemotePath).more

Remote Screen View Channel

BUG FIXES: Version:, Revision: 3195, Issue Date: August 2nd, 2012 When installing Screen Capture client version revision 3195 using WFScreenCaptureSetup- generic cialis pharmacy generic viagra online generic cialis online viagra ad buy cialis online usa viagraonline-rxgeneric how to use viagra genericviagra-rxonline installation file, the version displayed at 'About ...' option is incorrect: the displayed version is 1.02 instead of 2.0. Version:, Revision: 3195, Issue Date: August more

SMTP Channel

ENHANCEMENT: Version:, Revision: 2855, Issue Date: March 5th, 2012 An alert of SMTP type did not used to support multiple recipients for the generated email. The user can currently insert multiple recipients separated by ";" or "," via the alert of SMTP in the recipients address field.more
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